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The Appliance Man can quickly diagnose and determine what is wrong with your appliance.  Sometimes even over the phone before we get there.  We can fix BIG problems, like replacing a compressor, or small, like changing a light bulb.  Even with a small job of changing a bulb, you can short out an expensive board if it’s not done properly.

Here are some things you should know about The Appliance Man of Louisville:

  • Our service techs are thoroughly trained on analyzing the problem and fixing it, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • The company was built on referrals from satisfied customers, NOT marketing dollars.  We do not have a physical location to lease so overhead costs are kept to a minimum.
  • WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE SERVICE to other appliance repair companies.  When you contact The Appliance Man, the service tech is our employee.  With many companies, you never know WHO is going to show up at your door.
  • We’re able to service most brand appliances, including washers, dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, ice makers and garbage disposals.
  • We can also assist with recommendations and installations of most appliances.
  • The Appliance Man strives to provide same day or next day service, convenient to your needs.
  • We’ll ensure that your tech specializes on the type of appliance you need servicing.
  • We make it a point to stock our service trucks with the most common replacement parts, but sometimes a second trip is required.


Faulty dishwashers can cause a lot of headaches and when they leak, it can do extensive damage to your kitchen floor. Some common dishwasher problems: – Not cleaning dishes properly – Water leaking on floor – Not drying dishes – Noisy – Won’t drain Maintenance Tip:  Before you turn your dishwasher on, turn on your […]


Common dryer problems: Not spinning Not drying clothes Burning smell Shutting off / overheating Not getting hot Estimated dryer repair costs

Garbage Disposals

The Appliance Man can fix or repair your garbage disposal. Some common garbage disposal problems: Leaking water Bad odor Doesn’t turn on Rattling noise Tip:  To keep your blades sharp, put ice in your garbage disposal on occasion and turn it on. Estimated garbage disposal repair costs


Microwaves can take a pretty good beating, but often times they require repair. Some common microwave problems: Doesn’t heat evenly Light not working Panel display not working properly Exhaust fan not working properly Quick tip:  If you replace a light bulb on your own, make sure you first unplug the microwave.  If the bulb breaks […]

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators are usually your most expensive appliance, and can be the most costly if it’s not repaired quickly. Some common refrigerator and freezer problems: Ice maker not making ice Ice maker leaking Refrigerator not cooling Drawer is broken Light not coming on Bad odor inside Please contact The Appliance Man immediately if you have a […]


Regardless what your issue is, we can diagnose and fix it.  Below are some typical problems we commonly resolve. Common washer problems: Not spinning / agitating Leaking Staining clothes Won’t drain Estimated washer repair costs