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Some customers are hesitant to contact a repair company because they’re afraid it will cost them a small fortune.  The Appliance Man is always upfront about our prices.

The Appliance Man Standard Service Call – $60 (covers diagnosis)

Dishwasher Repair

SYMPTOM Dishwasher Doesn’t clean Dishwasher Won’t drain Dishwasher Buttons don’t work Dishwasher Lights flashing / blinking Dishwasher Leaking Dishwasher Leaking from motor Dishwasher Won’t start Dishwasher Won’t latch Dishwasher Dispenser doesn’t work Dishwasher Won’t fill Dishwasher Making noise Dishwasher Overflowing Dishwasher Won’t dry dishes

Disposal Repair

SYMPTOM Disposal doesn’t turn on or run Disposal stopper switch won’t shut off Disposal leaks from bottom or side Disposal motor hums, doesn’t run Disposal grinding plate stuck Disposal stopper switch won’t turn on disposer Disposal trips breaker or reset button Disposal loud or noisy Disposal leaks water near the top

Dryer Repair

SYMPTOM Dryer Won’t start Dryer Stops turning during cycle Dryer Won’t turn on Dryer Takes too long to dry Dryer Overheats Dryer Won’t turn off Dryer Doesn’t get hot Dryer Trips breaker Dryer Makes noise

Freezer Repair

SYMPTOM Coils freezing up Indicator light is out Only freezes top shelf Not cooling Not working, clicking sound Runs all the time Leaking water Defrost drain problems

Microwave Repair

SYMPTOM Microwave doesn’t heat Microwave not working Microwave light bulb not working Microwave runs for a few seconds and stops Microwave turntable doesn’t turn Microwave buttons don’t work Microwave display not working Microwave turns itself on Microwave is sparking or arcing Microwave door won’t open Microwave exhaust fan not working Microwave is loud or noisy

Oven / Stove Repair

SYMPTOM Oven won’t heat Oven doesn’t bake evenly Oven broiler problem Range surface Element won’t work Range burner spark problem Oven temperature problem Oven light is out Oven won’t turn on Oven self cleaning problem Oven won’t turn off Range surface element won’t turn off Oven door repair Oven fan keeps running Range burners spark […]

Refrigerator Repair

SYMPTOM Refrigerator not cold enough Refrigerator water dispenser not working Refrigerator ice maker not working Refrigerator ice dispenser not working Refrigerator not defrosting Refrigerator noisy / loud Refrigerator defrost drain clog Refrigerator freezer cold, fridge warm Refrigerator leaking water Refrigerator fridge too cold Refrigerator ice maker overflowing Refrigerator light not working Refrigerator runs constantly

Washer Repair

SYMPTOM Washer won’t spin Washer is making loud noise Washer won’t agitate Washer won’t drain Washer vibration Washer fills slowly Washer leaking water Washer won’t start Washer won’t spin or agitate Washer overflowing Washer door or lid won’t lock Washer stops mid cycle